Who is Andy Haman? Wiki, Bio, Age, Pro Bodybuilder, Death Cause, Children, Net Worth

Andy Haman Wiki – Andy Haman Bio

According to Andy Haman Biography and Wikipedia, He was a pro bodybuilder from from Iowa City, Iowa, United States  born in 1966. He attended the Iowa university for degree in health. His bodybuilding career span over many years and he win many titles like Colorado State Championship and NPC Masters Bodybuilding National Championships . After winning these titles he became the icon of bodybuilding, and also known as Mr. Incredible. He was among the best bodybuilders in US.


Andy has died at the age of 55 as of 2021.

Early Life

He was born in 1966 in Iowa state, graduated from university of Iowa  with degree in Bachelor of Science in wellbeing. During this degree he founded his passion in bodybuilding and become the member of University wrestling team.  He was known as Mr. Incredible due to his immense love for superheroes  which he mostly shown during the different events and expos.

Bodybuilding Career

During his graduation time at Iowa University he has much passion for bodybuilding. Andy was a professional bodybuilder and his career spanned over several successful years. During his entire career he participated in many competitions. He won the 1987 Midwest Natural Championships but due to short height he switched his focus to teaching.  After many years he returned back to his passion and win the NPC Colorado State Championship in the super heavyweight class in 2004 when he was in his late 30s. After winning the title at NPC Masters Bodybuilding National Championships in 2007 he achieved his IFBB Pro card. His last professional appearance was in 2010. He also debuted his acting career in 2017 by featuring in the film The Jurassic Dead. He is a professional bodybuilder and motivational speaker, also worked in a mini digital  series Generation Iron in 2013, in this series his name was Incredible Andy. He was one of the best bodybuilders in USA.

Death Cause

His son Samuel confirmed the death of his father on 20th March 2021, yet his cause of death has not been found.


Andy has 4 children, his only son Samuel and three daughters Ruby, Daisy and Lucy.  His children also have passion in bodybuilding and weightlifting . In 2018 Samuel participated in classic physique division and won this competition and her daughter Ruby also compete in Olympic weightlifting.

Net Worth

His net worth is $1.1 million USD as of 2021.

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