Who is Brandon Elliot? Wiki, Bio, Age, Victims, Arrested

According to Brandon Elliot Biography and Wikipedia, he is a displaced man on lifetime parole after serving time for killing his mother back in 2002. NYPD arrested him for the brutal attack on a 65-year-old Asian woman in midtown Manhattan. According to Police numerous tips led to Elliot’s capture. He has released from jail in 2019. As a homeless man, Brandon lives in a hotel serving as a shelter. Charged due to attacking an old woman and the hate crime that he did. Brandon attacked the woman on her head when she was walking towards Midtown Church.


He is 38 years old by March 2021.


The victim of this brutal attack was 65 years old Filippino woman Vilma Kari. She was walking up to the suspect in the moments leading up to his attack when she allegedly said, “Fuck off, you’re not here. The old woman was settled in the United States many years ago.


The man who viciously assaulted a 65-year-old woman by kicking her head, in a savage attack in New York has been arrested, police said. Brandon Elliot was arrested by NYPD at 2 am on Wednesday. After getting footage from the surveillance cameras of the horrific beating drew widespread condemnation and sparked a police manhunt.

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