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According to Christine Englehard Biography and Wikipedia, she ran a marathons, was studying nursing, and managed a pizza restaurant outward of Philadelphia. She dead inside South Beach’s Albion Hotel room on 18th March 2021 after two men from North Carolina drugged and rapped her according to police reports. She was seen with two men in the footages of security cameras from the Albion Hotel on James Avenue.


She was 24 years old by March 2021.


She was the only child and still lived with her parents in Richboro, Pennsylvania, about 20 miles outside Philadelphia.


Murderer of Christine are Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24. Both were arrested over the weekend and charged with sexual harassment and theft. According to judge statement both men were involved in stealing her credit cards, cash and cell phone when she was unconscious.


Concerned authorities gathered the information from CCTV cameras of restaurant. According to an investigator she possibly made contact with these murderer in the restaurant  and videos shows that suspect holding the victims up and she was not state to make any assent. According to the arrest report, Collier admitted that he and Taylor met the woman at a restaurant, and Taylor gave her a “green pill” while walking on Ocean Drive. Collier told police he believed the drug was Percocet, a powerful painkiller, a Miami Beach police investigator said Monday. Collier said he went with Taylor because they allegedly have planned to sex with the victim the report said.

Cause of Death

Investigators said they believe the murderer gave a green pill to drug her. The medical examiner has not made a verdict on the cause of death as authorities await toxicology results, officials said. If investigators find the pill that led to her death, the suspects could face manslaughter or murder charges.

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