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According to Colin Marr Biography and Wikipedia, he took his life with a single blow of kitchen knife back in 2007. He had some conflicts with his fiancée Candice Bonar when this tragic incident happened. As per Candice and police reports he took his own life but after so many years his case is reopened again after a challenge from the Colin family, because they still have many concerns about this case and prosecution service.


He was 23 years old by 2007.


His family consist of two members his mother Margaret Garaham and stepdad Stuart Graham. A “loveable and sociable young man” is how Margaret describes her son Colin, who worked as a mortgage adviser.


He was in relationship with Candice Bonar, met her when they were both working in a branch of McDonald’s as teenagers and they lived together for a year before the Collin death. They engaged  after some time but their relationship still have some tense.

Cause of Death

Colin was died on the 10th July 2007 when he stabbed himself after some heated discussion with his fiancée Candice.


According to investigation report of Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI), Candice told to a friend she will met the Colin Marr to sort out the problems in their relations. Candice phoned her friend, her friend had told her that the news of Colin’s affairs was true. The call lasted from a few minutes. She told the FAI that some heated conversation between her and Colin which resulted into the throwing the engagement ring on the floor and told the Colin that the relationship was over now. When she searched her trainer for leaving, Colin tried to gripped into his arms to stopped her but she refused to do so. She told the FAI that when she leaving the room she heard some sound from the kitchen and Colin had shouted and said “I will kill myself if You leave me, I have got  nothing to leave for”.

When she came back to living room where Colin told him he stabbed himself and grabbed his hands on his stomach before collapsing. A kitchen knife lay on the carpet near the place where he died.


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