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David Warner passed on subsequent to releasing himself from A&E over apprehensions he may get Covid and offer it to his half-year-old little girl, it has been accounted for.

He went to the emergency clinic with chest torments and was supposedly tried for Covid yet was scared of getting it while looking out for a Covid ward for his outcomes and spreading it.


Warner was 27 years old.

David Warner Dies

Warner went to the emergency clinic with chest torments recently and was allegedly tried for Covid yet was frightened by getting the infection while looking out for a Covid ward for his outcomes and spreading it to his family.

The Sun reports that he at that point released himself from the emergency clinic in the South East and returned home to his accomplice Vicky Jones and their half-year-old girl Evie.

On Saturday little girl Evie woke up crying and Mr Warner went to care for her however he was purportedly discovered dead in the lounge room.


His accomplice Vicky, 21, told the paper: “The exact opposite thing he said to me was ‘I love you, I’ll see you soon’. I felt like my reality had finished when I understood he was dead.”

She purportedly said specialists needed him to be put on the Covid ward while sitting tight for his infection test results.

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She stated: “He set some hard boundaries and said he had a six-month-old infant at home and would prefer to take his risks with whatever was giving him chest torments than hazard tainting Evie.

“They said they couldn’t put him elsewhere, so he released himself and returned home.”

The Covid-19 test outcome was said to have returned after David kicked the bucket and it was negative.

Vicky added that his test returning negative felt like a ‘last affront’.

GoFundMe Page

Vicky has since dispatched a GoFundMe page in an offer to fund-raise to give her accomplice an appropriate farewell with a burial service.

She stated: “On January 16 my perfect partner David Warner unfortunately died.

“He was a stunning accomplice, child, sibling, cousin, uncle, companion and the best daddy to his two lovely infant young ladies, who he thought unquestionably the universe of.

“He cherished his cultivating, darts, football, banger dashing and above all he adored his lager and his smoke.