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Hatchai Niyomdecha Bio -Wiki

Hatchai Niyomdecha was getting clamshells with his family when they discovered the uncommon shell in Nakhon Si Thammarat area on January 27.

He was blissful in the wake of finding an orange Melo pearl worth £250,000 on a seashore in Thailand.


He is 37 years old.

Hatchai Niyomdecha Finds Orange Pearl

Hatchai found a disposed of float ball washed aground with three of the shells adhering to it so he called his sibling Worachat Niyomdecha, 35, to see.

The two men took the shells out the ball and took it home so they could utilize it to enliven their bird enclosures.

They offered them to their dad, Bangmad Niyomdecha, 60, and requested that he clean them.

At the point when the retired person had opened the third shell, he found an orange pearl that was somewhat greater than a 10 pence coin.

Melo pearls structure inside snail shells, and it is muddled how this one wound up blended in with shellfish shells.

Wife And Children

He called his better half, Worachat Niyomdecha, 35, and his two young men to assess the excellent 7.68-gram valuable jewel with him and chose to check its worth the following day.

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They got some information about the pearl among their neighbours who rushed to their home in the wake of discovering that what they discovered is an incredibly costly pearl.


Hatchai, who recognized the shells, guaranteed he had an abnormal dream a couple of days prior to finding the valuable jewel.

He said: ‘An elderly person dressed in white with a long moustache advised me to go to the seashore so I can get a blessing. I think he drove me to find the pearl.

‘I need to sell the pearl at the greatest expense. The cash will not simply transform me, it will change my fate. My entire family will have better lives.’

He accepts that the elderly person could be a god who needed to assist him with getting destitution as the pearl could be worth as much as 10 million Baht (£250,000).