Who is James Heerdegen? Bio, Wiki, Age, Beat His Wife, Children, Divorce, Net Worth

James Heerdegen Bio – Wiki

Christina Ricci has petitioned for a controlling request against her significant other James Heerdegen, which an appointed authority conceded late Wednesday.

She sought legal separation from Heerdegen in July over cases of supposed maltreatment, given new insights concerning the supposed maltreatment, TMZ reports.


Heerdegen is 43 years old.

James Heerdegen Beat His Wife Christina Ricci

Her recording claims that Heerdegen assaulted her twice in June 2020, supposedly hauling her around the house and tossed espresso and a seat at her. Another detail uncovered in her most recent documenting:

James told Ricci “the lone way he could feel frustrated about me is in the event that I was dissected into little pieces” in late 2019, “something that made me imagine that [he] could execute me.”

The appointed authorities request orders Heerdegen keep in any event 100 yards from Ricci and the couple’s 6-year-old child Freddie and have no contact with them. She’s additionally looking for a proper court request obstructing him from getting back to their home, which he has just moved out from.

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Ricci is likewise trying to impede Heerdegen from delivering unknown sound and video she fears he’ll use to blackmail or “embarrass and mortify” her, and necessities him to surrender the materials.

Attorney Statement

His lawyer Larry Bakman said Heerdegen revealed to TMZ he “unequivocally keeps all claims from getting misuse made by Ms Ricci as having happened in 2020”

He advised the site he intends to record his own controlling request against Ricci “itemizing her damaging behaviour powered by liquor and substance misuse.

Ricci and Heerdegen met in 2011 on the arrangement of Ricci’s doomed arrangement “Container Am” and hitched in 2013.