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Joshua Duggar is a television star of “19 Kids and Counting” pleaded not guilty to having received and owned child pornography in federal court on Friday. He was accused of having inappropriate images of children under 12 years and knowingly receiving child pornography and possessing it in May 2019. A federal judge gives rules on reality TV star Joshua Duggar can be released from jail as he awaits trial for child pornography charges.


He is 33 years old by May 2021.


Josh Duggar was arrested and accused of possessing child pornography two years ago, a crime that could land him in prison for many years if he is convicted.

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United States District Court Judge Christy Comstock said in her ruling that while she was concerned about various aspects of the case and the testimony she heard on Wednesday, she had released Duggar under various conditions, including wearing an electronic surveillance device and not seeing any. porn or erotica. Duggar needs to report to the supervisor of the US probation office. Comstock said that due to the gravity of the allegations and the age of the alleged victims, he was unable to release Joshua Duggar to his home, where he resides on his parents’ property.


The allegations on Duggar’s previous reports of sexual abuse and misconduct, including those he allegedly assaulted five underage girls as a teenager, including his sisters Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar. These allegations came to light in 2015 and led to the cancellation of his family’s realities. Shortly afterward, Gawker revealed that Duggar had accounts at the Ashley Madison dating site and had betrayed his wife, Anna. The accusations were particularly outrageous, given the conservative Christian values ​​preached by the Duggar family and their television series.

TV Show

“19 Kids and Counting,” which was launched in the year 2008 and broadcasted until 2015, featured many people like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their many children, including Josh. The program showcased the Arkansas household’s devout Christianity, the decision to home-school, and conservative approach to sexuality, including their practice of making sure their daughters had chaperones while “courting.”