Who is Lauren Nicole Jones? Bio, Wiki, Age, Face Blindness, Husband, Children, Facebook

Lauren Nicole Jones Bio – Wiki

Lauren Nicole Jones has an uncommon condition that is so extreme she battles to perceive companions, or even celebrated faces like the Queen

Leafing through family photos ought to be a delight however understudy Lauren Nicole-Jones doesn’t perceive herself in a portion of hers.


Lauren is 33 years old.

Lauren Nicole Jones Face Blindness

She experiences a condition known as face visual impairment which implies she battles to perceive individuals.

While the vast majority confess to failing to remember a face at times, Lauren’s concern is serious to such an extent that she doesn’t generally understand she’s seeing her own appearance, can’t perceive her closest companions, well-known individuals and battles to spot herself in photos.

There is no solution for her condition except for she has figured out how to depend on characteristics, propensities and the manner in which individuals talk before she perceives individuals.


Lauren, 33, of Derbyshire, said: “It can make life pretty interesting now and then.

“I can’t generally see myself in photos which can be humiliating. On the off chance that somebody shows me an image and the individual had dull hair and is about my tallness, I think ‘for what reason am I being demonstrated this photograph, it should be me.’

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“There’s been times I’ve taken a gander at pictures and believed ‘that resembles a decent spot, when did I go there?’ Then I’ve understood it’s another person totally.”

Lauren’s condition has prompted some exceptionally humiliating circumstances.

Lauren said: “I attempt to manage it with humour and there have been some exceptionally silly things occur, such as going through 40 minutes conversing with some unacceptable individual on a video call or confusing an ex with another person.

“On the genuine side, it can affect on your-confidence and feeling of capability, that overall sensation of having the option to arrange the world and individuals.