Who is Paul Robson? Wiki, Bio, Age, Victims, Charges, Arrested

According to Paul Robson Biography and Wikipedia, was involved in the killing of her ex-girlfriend and her underage lover.  During the attacked the lady have 6o injuries in her home in Linton, Northumberland last year. Her underage love got 45 injuries including stab wounds and bites. He claimed to have met Ms. Caroline Kayll in 2005 while in a prison cell where he worked as an education officer. Around that time, they began a secret relationship that continued years later when he was imprisoned again in 2014 for drug and weapons crimes. They split some weeks ago when he found she was in relation with a boy.


He is 50 years old by March 2021.


Victims of this tragic story are Ms. Caroline Kayll, 47, and her young lover 15 years old boy. Due to such a severe attack, Ms. Kayll died and her lover got some serious injuries but miraculously survived.


Paul Robson jailed for life today for killing his ex-girlfriend and trying to murder her underage lover was captured on film throwing a tantrum at officers when they finally caught him after days on the run. Newcastle Crown Court heard the “cruel and calculating” cage fighting coach and former MMA fighter had 21 convictions for 92 offenses over more than 30 years.
The court heard that during the “cruel” attack, Paul Robson kicked his ex-partner in the head, possibly strangled him, cut him with a razor, cut off her hair, and cut off his clothes.


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