Who is Rebecca Hoover? Bio, Wiki, Age, Missing, Husband, Children, Investigation

Rebecca Hoover Wiki – Bio

Rebecca Hoover was a mum-of-three, who unexpected vanishing was a secret to her family, who were persuaded she’d never purposely relinquish her kids.

In New Albany, Indiana, there was a missing mum, and police were urgently attempting to rejoin her with her three kids.


Hoover was 38 years old.

Rebecca Hoover Missing

Rebecca Hoover’s own mom hadn’t seen her in a couple of days and was becoming progressively concerned.

It was August 2020, and Rebecca was a given parent. It was amazingly improbable that she had left her youngsters however life had been hard on her as of late – maybe she believed she had no real option except to escape from her unstable spouse.

Rebecca’s union with spouse Judson Hoover had arrived at an emergency point. Four months sooner, on 17 April, Rebecca’s eight-year-old child had hurried to a neighbour for help after Judson assaulted her.

Judson Hoover Arrested

Judson arrested for homegrown maltreatment within the sight of a kid, and strangulation.

As per the police report, Rebecca had been attempting to get Judson out of the house yet he’d turned forceful.

He’d grabbed her versatile off her, thumped her to the ground and kicked her in the head, face and neck more than 15 times. Judson had likewise squeezed his foot against Rebecca’s neck.

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The valiance of Rebecca’s young child in requesting that his neighbour call 911 had halted the battle raising further.

The capture warrant expressed that Rebecca had communicated fears for her wellbeing. It added, “Rebecca additionally exhorted Judson utilized his feet to apply strain to Rebecca’s neck and she unable to relax.”


Judson delivered on bail the next day and the case was forthcoming. It would have without a doubt caused strain at home. With a particularly vicious upheaval, was Rebecca pondering leaving?


Agents knew about Judson’s fierce assault on Rebecca prior that year and began to develop worried about her security.

They understood what Judson prepared to do.

At that point on 27 August, the school went to by the couple’s eight-year-old child reached the police. It was an enormous discovery for the situation.

The young man had spoken privately to the school advocate and uncovered that he’d saw a homicide. He said he’d watched his father execute his mum. It was a stunning disclosure.

Rebecca’s child said that he’d seen his dad step fiercely on his mum in a couple of boots more than 20 times in the cellar of their home.