Who is Sarah Everard? Bio, Wiki, Age, Missing, Career, Investigation

Sarah Everard Bio – Wiki

Sarah Everard is from Brixton, London, who has mysteriously disappeared while walking back to her home. She was also talking to her partner on the phone for around 15 minutes, before vanishing without any trace so far.

Police are baffled as they investigate the disappearance of Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old woman from Brixton, who has been described by her friends as ‘beautiful, thoughtful and incredibly kind’.


Ms. Everard is 33 years old.

Sarah Everard Disappearance

She vanished while walking to her home in Brixton, south London, from the nearby Clapham Junction area.

Ms. Everard spoke to her partner en route but has not been heard from since that point, friend Rose Woollard said.

She said her phone signal was picked up last near Clarence Avenue, between her home and where she left another friend.

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Shortly after the phone call ended at 9.28 pm, her friends believe that something happened to her.

They were unable to contact her on Thursday when they notified the police at about 8 pm.

Rose Woollard Statement

Her best friend Rose Woollard said as well as Everard’s loved ones have all unanimously agreed that it was extremely uncharacteristic of her to cut contact suddenly. Her worried friends first informed the police about her mysterious disappearance.

“Sarah and I met many years ago whilst studying together at Durham University. She has always been an exceptional friend, dropping everything to be there to support her friends, whenever they need her,” one of her friends told The Sun, adding, “It is extremely uncharacteristic of her to have gone missing, which is why we are all deeply concerned something has happened to her.”

Recently, Everard was promoted to the role of senior marketing account manager at her job. She had shared the good news with her friends, expressing her excitement to embark on the new role. It was just days after that she went completely untraceable.

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