Who is Sean Lannon? Wiki, Bio, Age, Arrested, Charges

According to  Sean Lannon Biography and Wikipedia, was involved in many murders including his ex-wife and two others in New Mexico. He has admitted many murders after his arrest in Missouri. He is already facing charge of killing in New Jersey. He has been declared as a person involved in many killings including his wife Jennifer Lannon 39, and three other people earlier this month.


He was 47 years old by March 2021.


He was arrested on 10th March in St. Louis, Missouri. He admitted that killed his wife and three other man on 8th March. Lannon is currently in custody at the Salem County Jail in New Jersey. He was interviewed by Albuquerque police department where he said that his ex-wife had some affairs.


Sean Lannon was charged on Friday 26th March for killing of his ex-wife and her friends Matthew Miller, 21, and Jesten Mata, 40. But no charges has been filed for the death of fourth person 60-year-old Randal Apostalon in his car. The New Jersey investigation authorities said Lannon said he had killed a total of 16 people, but authorities did not confirm those claims. Seemingly he also involved in killing of 66- year-old Michael Dabkowski, who was found dead in Lannon house. According to police Lannon told that he had been sexually abused by Michael Dabkowski when he was child. Due to involvement in many murders investigators call a complicated case spanning in multiple states.


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